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What is 4MAT?
4MAT is a whole brain model for engaging learners and improving performance. 4MAT is a performance improvement company that provides training and tools for leaders, managers, instructional designers, and trainers on how to effectively communicate, lead, train, and coach using the award-winning 4MAT Learning and Leadership Cycle.
What is 4MAT? 4MAT Learning Style
4MAT® Training Products
Take your training design from good to great. 4MAT offers printed training assessments, online training assessments and training development tools that will enhance your training courses. With over thirty years of research, 4MAT is a proven model for designing learning that engages every learner and produces focused, measurable impact.
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4MAT® Training Courses
Learn to apply the 4MAT model.
Join thousands of trainers, leaders and educators who have been trained and certified in the 4MAT training design model. 4MAT offers online and on-site training programs that teach you how to confidently apply the 4MAT 8-step design model to deliver high-impact, measurable learning results in your real-world training content.
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