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learning type measure

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Learning Type Measure® (LTM)

Single assessment | $15
Pack of 25 assessments | $295

The 4MAT Learning Type Measure (LTM) is one of the most widely used learning style assessments in the world for profiling individual approaches to learning. Over 15 years, more than 600,000 people from education, business and government have taken this assessment.

The 4MAT Learning Type Measure is a powerful tool for maximizing the creative and intellectual potential of your team. With the Learning Type Measure's graphic overlay, you'll construct easily interpreted representations of your individual and team strengths and weaknesses in taking in and making meaning of new information. The Learning Type Measure is designed to help managers, trainers and teams map out strategies for improving individual potential, motivate learners with strategies crafted to their unique learning style, identify situations in which different people function most effectively, and profile the strengths and weaknesses of teams.

Also available in Spanish (Mexican and European), Chinese, Korean, Dutch, German, Italian, and Norwegian.

leadership behavior inventory
Leadership Behavior Inventory® (LBI)

Single assessment | $18
Pack of 25 assessments | $375

Explore the different ways that people approach managing and leading with the 4MAT Leadership Behavior Inventory (LBI). The Leadership Behavior Inventory is a 14-point, self-administered survey for assessing the degree to which leaders approach different aspects of leadership. The 4MAT Leadership Behavior Inventory is designed to help individuals analyze the patterns of behavior that are most characteristic of their 4MAT leadership style. The Leadership Behavior Inventory is ideal for a host of training applications, including management skills, teaming, leadership programs, personal development and cultivating the learning organization.

hemispheric mode indicator
Hemispheric Mode Indicator® (HMI)

Single assessment | $12
Pack of 25 assessments | $230

The 4MAT Hemispheric Mode Indicator is ideal to use for training and team building sessions focused on creativity, innovation, training design, marketing and strategic planning. With the explosion of research on the positive effects of brain-based learning, it's essential for teachers to understand how to incorporate the brain into classroom instruction. Researchers have long shown that there are two very different hemispheric functions in the brain and that effective instruction integrates both types. Commonly referred to as right- and left-mode approaches to learning, these two very different functions can form a powerful basis for improving learning, creativity and innovative thinking.

training style inventory
Training Style Inventory® (TRSI)

Single assessment | $12
Pack of 25 assessments | $230

The 4MAT Training Style Inventory is a self-assessment inventory which helps trainers identify their strengths in four critical training roles. By recognizing training preferences, the trainers can begin to recognize how to modify training design and delivery to reach more learners.

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