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 4MATion® Training Design Software

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Why? 4MATion web-based training design center increases learner impact and engagement while speeding up the 4MAT® design process.

What? 4MATion is an online training design center for individuals or organizations to:

  • Create new 4MAT training designs using the 10-step 4MAT Design Wizard which guides the process

  • Copy activities into a new training design directly from the Bank of Activities

  • Store all your training materials (workbooks, leader guides, powerpoints, audio files and URLs) in a searchable library

  • Access all training materials from any location

  • Attend ongoing online 4MAT train the trainer courses on training design, delivery and leadership 24/7

Investment: Annual subscription for $299
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How? Simply log in to your 4MAT online training design center directly from the web.

If? If you are interested in an enterprise solution or would like more information, email us to schedule a web demo. Please include your name, job title, organization and phone number in the email.