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 4MAT® Learning Style and Learning Cycle

Learning style refers to the part of the learning cycle that you enjoy the most. It is the way that you prefer to experience and process information. Everyone has a learning style preference. And, everyone moves through the entire learning cycle.

The 4MAT model creates a simple-to-understand, common language for performance which:

  • Immediately improves meeting efficiency

  • Improves coaching impact and frequency

  • Enhances communication and sense of team

  • Drastically improves learner engagement and results in training

Three Things Every Trainer Should Know About Learning Styles

The 4MAT learning model, training assessments and training programs create a common language for designing engaging and effective learning. 4MAT teaches how to identify learning styles and engage every learner to produce focused, measurable impact in your real-world training content.

You can share 4MAT with your team in many ways: