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Leading the Training Needs Analysis Process (Basic)

Three, 90-minute online sessions
Dates, location, & tuition: On request

Learn how to confidently lead the training needs analysis and outcome development process. Establish yourself as a strategic performance development partner using the 4MAT performance analysis tools and outcomes framework that deliver measurable training ROI.

The ability to deliver quantifiable results on training investment is critical. Linking performance results to training begins with defining clear learning outcomes. In this session, we will explore a four-part model for defining learning outcomes. You will use this model to identify the results you are tasked with producing while linking the critical learner behaviors that will deliver this result. This hands-on session will give you an opportunity to apply the model to a common training scenario. By using the model provided, you will identify how to prioritize your time in the course design. You will also positively impact training results while significantly accelerating the design process.

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Course objectives:
  • Link activity choice to learner outcomes

  • Build and assess an outcomes-based instructional design

  • Determine how to measure the four key learning outcomes

  • conduct a Training Needs Analysis to determine training focus

  • Use the Question Inventory to guide the Needs Analysis process

  • Use an easy-to-apply model to define measurable learning outcomes

  • Build a cohesive assessment strategy that guides the instructional design process

  • Work with Subject-Matter-Experts to identify knowledge, skill and attitude differences between low- and high-performers
All classes are held 10 am - 12:30 pm PST.

In this interactive workshop series, you will explore how to link assessment, outcome development and activity choice. Here's what we will explore:

Session 1: Assessing the Need and Defining Outcomes

  • Identify the four critical learning outcomes that must be defined

  • Use the Question Inventory to guide the training needs analysis conversation with key stakeholders

  • Craft clear outcome statements which will guide the design process

  • Assess the performance shift needed to deliver the desired behavior result

  • Analyze which of the 4 Performance Barriers is linked to the successful transfer of learning

Session 2: Linking Activity Choice to Outcomes

  • Understand the 4MAT® basic design framework

  • Recognize how the four critical outcomes link to the design model

  • Identify the "Concept" that high performers get and learn how to transfer it to low performers

  • Identify the types of activities that work best to deliver each of the four outcomes

  • Filter content and activity choice by focusing on the critical "Performance Barrier"

Session 3: Assessing Your Design

  • Assess the impact of your training design using the 4MAT® design rubric

  • Review design samples created by fellow participants

  • Analyze and refine your design for higher impact with particular emphasis on Kirkpatrick's Level 3 (Behavior) and Level 4 evaluation (Business Impact)

Included in your tuition:
(Materials required for this online course will be delivered electronically)

  • 3-Downloadable Participant Session Workbooks

  • Access to the online class forum

  • Online 4MAT Learning Type Measure®

Instructional Design Course

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