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4MAT 4Coaching

1-day on-site program + online coaching
Dates, location, & tuition: On request

This one-day intensive course immerses your leaders and managers in understanding how to engage the whole brain when shifting performance through coaching. Using a simple, 4-step model, your leaders will practice coaching around real-world performance opportunities they bring to the session. Post-course follow-up web coaching reinforces implementation and enables measurement of coaching impact.

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Course objectives:
  • Raise issues in a productive manner

  • Use a simple 4-step model to coach learner practice

  • Set up front-line managers to support on-the-job coaching

  • Coach common learning issues using proven feedback techniques

  • Choose appropriate activities to simulate real-world feedback opportunities

  • Create a learning environment that encourages feedback and healthy self-assessment

  • Develop self-assessment tools that focus the learnerís attention on the right performance factors

You will learn how to:
  • Observing application

  • Setting up activities effectively

  • Strategies for gaining commitment

  • Setting up follow-up mechanisms

  • Choosing the right practice activities

  • Engaging learners in practicing new skills

  • Designing Outcome-Based Practice Activities

  • How to give constructive peer: peer coaching

  • How to effectively coach and debrief practice

  • Assessing your natural coaching style strengths

  • 25 Questions for guiding a coaching conversation

  • Generating solutions for common coaching scenarios

  • How to create agreement that improvement is needed

  • The 4 things you should be doing during learner practice

  • Discovering the most common barriers to effective coaching

  • 7 types of practice activity structures that work with any content

  • How to use questions to focus the learnerís attention during debriefing

  • Assessing your coaching using the 4MAT Coaching Assessment Tool

  • Interactive activity structures you can use to encourage self-assessment

  • How to set up an on-the-job coaching team including front-line managers

  • How to clearly define the criteria that will be used to evaluate practice application

Included in your tuition:
  • Participant Workbook

  • 4MAT® Coaching Guide

  • 4MAT® Training Style Inventory (TRSI®)

Train the Trainer Course

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