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1.75-day on-site program
Dates, location, & tuition: On request

In this workshop, you will learn strategies to improve your facilitation, presentation, coaching and evaluation skills. You’ll gain ideas for increasing interaction and learner responsibility in the training courses you deliver. You will practice new skills and leave with tools you can apply to the delivery of any content.

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Course objectives:
  • Deliver engaging lecture

  • Choose the right practice activities

  • Use the 3R’s strategy to increase learner retention

  • Use 14 Visual Organizers to visually present content

  • Create dynamic openings that grab learners’ attention

  • Use the inventory of questions to facilitate group dialogue

  • Create opportunities for learners to self-assess application

  • Apply a 4-step framework to confidently coach learner practice

  • “Chunk” content delivery in lecture to work within the limits of working memory

  • Identify specific strategies that will increase your skill in all four delivery roles

  • Choose the right visual organizers and imaging activities to enhance retention

  • Use interactive processing activities to increase energy and maximize learning

  • Use the story framework to create stories that engage learners and increase retention

  • Connect learners to the content being learned using 8 Opening Strategies that Always Work

  • Recognize your natural training strengths in four critical training roles using the 4MAT Training Style Inventory®

  • Use powerful closing techniques that gain learner commitment and “push” learning out into the real-world
Agenda Details:
  • How to gain learner commitment

  • The two processes that define “learning”

  • Effective strategies for building learner implementation plans

  • How to break up lecture with fun, interactive processing activities

  • Strategies for following up with learners including social media

  • Determining when the learning climate should be active or reflective

  • The four steps you must lead the learner through to ensure learning transfer

  • How to deliver powerful and energizing openings and create meaningful dialogue

  • Understanding what is happening in the 4 steps of the 4MAT learning cycle

  • How to choose the right hands-on activities that deliver on learning outcomes

  • What the learner is doing in each step and what the trainer is doing in each step

  • How to clearly set up practice activities and effectively debrief practice activities

  • How to deal with difficult learners and build a sense of community amongst learners

  • How to use the 4MAT coaching model to give feedback to learners on practice application

  • Activities you can use to encourage learners to assess their own performance

  • Powerful closing strategies that gain learner commitment and “push” learning out into the real world

  • Recognizing your training style strengths using the 4MAT Training Style Inventory®

  • How to shift fluidly between facilitator, presenter, coach and evaluator to create powerful training results

  • How to use the 4MAT model to give clear activity directions and use questions to guide the learning focus

Included in your tuition:

  • Participant workbook

  • 4MAT® Training Style Inventory (TRSI®)

Training Assessments

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